One of the most important tools we can use to achieve healthy natural resources is through an outreach and education effort.  That effort includes education on natural resource impacts and improvement opportunities as well as information about our improvement programs. The outreach effort includes newsletters and press releases, classroom and other demonstrations, workshops, and tours.

The SCCD also has a variety of resources with ideas for educators.


The SCCD uses an Enviroscape ® model to show how pollution types can move through a watershed.  The model helps to explain the watershed concept and provides a good visual example of all of the activities that can impact a water body. Students can discuss ways to improve the quality of water.  SCCD has also developed and used other models to demonstrate the water cycle and water erosion and has materials available for simple water quality testing (pH, temperature, and others).   

To help students understand the importance of agriculture, the SCCD has some activities designed to demonstrate the origins of food and other useful, everyday products. Making butter is a fun, engaging activity for young students.


The SCCD has staff willing to perform a demonstration for your classroom, tour, camp, or other activity.  Demonstrations can be tailored to meet specific objectives.  

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