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Pinus contorta 

Size: 35-70 feet high; 15-30 foot spread

Drought Resistance: Excellent

Cold Hardiness: Excellent

Growth Rate: Slow

Life Span: Long

Soil Conditions: Intolerant of saline soils. 

Wildlife Value: Mule deer, moose, and elk may brose lodgepole when other food is scarce. Small mammals and song and upland game birds eat seeds and needles.

Misc: Native. Good for high altitude windbreaks. 


Please visit Colorado State Forest Service's Nursery Buyers Guide (Page 20) for more detailed information. 

Lodgepole Pine

  • Bare Root D10 D16 D40
    25/lot 25/lot 30/lot 20/lot
    $45/lot $85/lot $100/lot $110/lot
    NA 10 cu. in. 16 cu. in. 40 cu. in.
    NA 1.5 x 8.25 2 x 7 2.5 x 10


    Bare root seedlings come in lots of 25, will be at least 6 inches or taller, and will not have soil surrounding the roots.


    Container seedlings come in varying sizes with a top height ranging from 4-15 inches:

    • 10 cubic inches, lots of 25, 1.5” diameter x 8.25" deep
    • 16 cubic inches, lots of 30, 2” diameter x 7” deep
    • 40 cubic inches, lots of 20, 2.5” diameter x 10” deep
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