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Sheridan County Conservation District

The function of the Conservation District is to focus and coordinate technical, educational, and financial resources to meet the needs of the local land user. 

The SCCD provides cost-share assistance for livestock and septic system improvements along impaired streams in Sheridan County. Typical cost-share assistance for livestock improvements is between 50% and 80%, depending upon available funding.

The watershed program encompasses the Tongue River, Goose Creek, and Prairie Dog Creek watersheds and includes several activities, with the goal of improving the water resources for Sheridan County. 

Each fall, the SCCD offers low-cost seedling trees and shrubs for conservation purposes. Ordering usually begins in October or November, with seedlings arriving early May.



SCCD is receiving bids for work associated with asbestos removal/abatement at the former Acme Power Plant.


We are updating our Long Range Plan and want to hear from you! The Long-Range Plan guides development of specific programs and activities. Please complete this survey to help us understand your natural resource needs and priorities. 

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The Sheridan County Conservation District is offering a limited number of compost bins for purchase this spring. Help reduce food waste by getting yours today. 


Cleanup activities at the former Acme Power Plant are currently underway. Additional funds are needed to support these efforts, including removal of asbestos, debris, and other pollutants.



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