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Jessica was elected to the Board in 2023. She has taught natural resource policy at the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University. She has lead natural resource consensus building processes in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado for thirty years. 


Edith was appointed and subsequently elected in 2012. She originally hails from Georgia, but has lived in Sheridan for 25+ years. Prior to living in Wyoming, she lived and worked in Alaska where she produced seed for the state.


Orrin was elected in 2014. He was born and raised in Sheridan County. He attended college at MSU-Bozeman and UC Davis. He has been involved with cattle and polo his whole life. He has worked in fire and environmental restoration, alternative energy, forestry, and agriculture. He currently ranches on Jackson Creek near Big Horn.


Emerson was appointed and subsequently elected in 2012. He was raised in Sheridan and Johnson counties. He has been a small businessman in outdoor recreation and engineering in the Sheridan area for 30+ years. He currently resides near Dayton along the Tongue River.

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Stephanie was elected in 2020. She is a near lifelong resident of Sheridan County where she has embraced a number of roles over the years including that of business owner, landowner, cattlewoman, mother, and grandmother. 

Emerson Scott, III



Edith Heyward



Orrin Connell



Stephanie Masters

Vice Chair


Jessica Western



What is a Conservation District Supervisor?

Each Conservation District in Wyoming is governed by a 5 member Board of Supervisors. Supervisors are local residents, elected by local citizens to address the local natural resource needs that are unique to the District they serve. 

Anyone that is able to vote is eligible to serve as a Conservation District Supervisor. Supervisors are elected by Sheridan County citizens on the the general election ballot (non-partisan). Once elected, Supervisors serve 4 year terms on the Board. Prospective candidates must meet the residency requirements for their position for the duration of the term. By statute, three positions are rural, one is urban, and one is at-large:  

  • Urban—must reside in an incorporated municipality  (Sheridan, Ranchester, Dayton, Clearmont);

  • Rural—must reside within Sheridan County and outside of an incorporated area; and

  • At-Large—may reside anywhere within Sheridan County.

Conservation District Supervisors serve as advocates for the local conservation program. In addition to monthly Board meetings and regional and state meetings, supervisors are encouraged to participate in other local meetings and partner updates, outreach events, and to assist with field activities.

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