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Membership Program

In 1997, SCCD initiated a membership/contribution campaign to provide an opportunity for local residents to show their support for natural resources in Sheridan County. Since that time, over $45,000 has been donated to the District by private citizens. Each year, the SCCD sets an annual membership goal of $5000. You can help reach this year's goal by submitting the 2020 Pledge Form to our office or by donating online.


SCCD is one of 34 conservation districts in Wyoming.  Each district has a unique program tailored to meet the specific natural resource needs of its district. Wyoming conservation districts are funded through a variety of sources; the SCCD is funded primarily through state and federal grants, with some additional support from Sheridan County, local municipalities, and private citizens. Local funding means local accountability and provides the District with more flexibility to meet the unique needs of Sheridan County.  

Funds raised through membership donations are critical to the overall function of the District, serving as match for grants, as well as providing for administrative services, technical assistance, and information and education. In particular, membership donations can be used to fund activities and services not supported by existing grants.  


THANK YOU To Our Generous Donors

Larry Barbula

Bonnie & William Brady

Chuck & Laura Carbert

Sean Carroll

Virginia Chase

Mary DeTavernier

Larry & Vicki Hanft

Edith Heyward

Susan Holmes

June Kibben

Jack & Kathryn Landon, Jr.

Robert & Joan Ligocki

Phil & Glory Little

Steve & Edre Maier

Sue & Ron Martin

Scott Newbold

Sue & Casey Osborn

Marcyes Schmaus

Emerson Scott

Tom & Joan Scott

Frank & Janice Sterbenz

Larry & Jean Vignaroli

Roger & Fachon Wilson

Mike & Pam Winterholler

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