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Subdivision Reviews

The Sheridan County Conservation District (SCCD) is responsible for addressing natural resource issues (W.S. 11-16) and mandated to provide subdivision reviews and recommendations (W.S. 18-5-306 (b)). Statute 11-16-102 (x) defines natural resources as "land, soil, water, vegetation, trees, wild rivers, wilderness, natural beauty, scenery, and open space." Our role is to help developers and other county authorities use good conservation practices in subdivision planning through recommendations on resource issues.

Are you a landowner or developer dividing property in Sheridan County?

STEP 1: Download the complete subdivision review process guidelines.

STEP 2: If desired, request soils information from the SCCD. Soils information is based on the USDA/NRCS Soil Survey of Sheridan County and is available to the public free of charge. ​

STEP 3: Submit preliminary plat and shapefile (if available) to SCCD.

STEP 4: SCCD reviews plat and compiles review comments and soils map to be discussed by the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting. Please allow at least 30 days from time of submission of the plat for completion. Do NOT expect to submit a plat and have the recommendations the following week. By statute, SCCD is allowed 60 days to review the plat. 

STEP 5: SCCD provides review comments to developer/landowner once the fees have been paid. Effective January 2018, the fee for preparation of the subdivision review is $10.00/acre with a $200 minimum. ​

Still have questions? 

Please email Jackie at or call the office at (307) 672-5820 ext. 3

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