Seedling Tree Program

From November to early April, the SCCD offers low-cost seedling trees, shrubs, and perennials  to SHERIDAN COUNTY residents for:

  • Living snow fences

  • Windbreaks

  • Wildlife habitat

  • Pollinator habitat

  • Visual screens

  • Noise barriers

  • Erosion control

  • Reforestation

  • And other conservation purposes

Seedling trees arrive in early May - just in time for spring planting. Perennials are generally ready the week before Memorial Day.


The SCCD/NRCS can provide assistance when considering local soil types, tree species, windbreak design, and site preparation for your planting. 

IMPORTANT: Nursery inventory fluctuates daily and we do our best to update species regularly. In the event that a desired species is sold out, please have a substitution in mind.

Seedlings & Perennials

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Variety Package

This package includes 5 bare root Buffaloberry, Chokecherry, Native Plum, Redosier Dogwood, and Rocky Mtn. Juniper and tends to sell out quickly. 

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Tree Resources

  • How to store and care for your seedlings?​​

       CSFS Planting Guide

  • Curious what trees grow in Sheridan?

       City of Sheridan's Trees for Sheridan

  • NRCS Conservation Trees & Shrubs for WY

       WY Tree & Shrub Guide

  • CSFS Trees for Conservation

       A Buyers Guide

  • Wyoming State Forestry

       Wyoming Tree Owner's Manual



Weed barrier fabric is  is sold as a 6 x 300' roll. The fabric prevents weeds from overtaking your planting while also allowing water, air, and nutrients to pass through.


When you pick up your seedlings, the SCCD will provide you with a small bag of complimentary root dip. The dip is meant to promote new root development on plantings.

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