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A MUST READ on planning, pickup, planting,   maintenance., and more.

Planting videos & graphics courtesy of Colorado State Forest Service Nursery.

Trees suitable for Wyoming from University of Wyoming Extension.

Design considerations  from Natrona County Conservation District.

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From November to April, the SCCD accepts orders for low-cost seedling trees, shrubs, and perennials to be used within Sheridan County. Seedling trees generally arrive in early May, while perennials are ready towards the end of May. The SCCD/NRCS can provide assistance when considering local soil types, tree species, windbreak design, and site preparation for your planting. Plants are meant to be used for conservation purposes such as:

Seedling Tree Program

  • Living snow fences

  • Windbreaks

  • Wildlife habitat

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  • Pollinator habitat

  • Visual screens

  • Noise barriers

  • Erosion control

  • Reforestation

  • And other conservation purposes


Nursery inventory changes throughout the season due to differences in field estimates and actual counts, priority given to customers local to the state in which the nursery is located, weather conditions, insect and disease, and other varying factors outside of our control. As such, the SCCD cannot guarantee any order. Please have a desired species in mind in the event that an item you ordered becomes unavailable. If a substitution is not available or desired, we will issue you a refund. 


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