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Oil Recycling Program

The SCCD provides used oil collection for tanks in the towns of Dayton and Clearmont for public use. These towns have provided the necessary cooperation in this program to allow several thousand gallons of used oil to be recycled on an annual basis. These tanks encourage the proper disposal of used oil by local citizens thereby minimizing the effects of improper disposal on the environment. The tanks are provided to the public by the SCCD and use of them is free of charge. 


Only used oils that have not been mixed with contaminants are allowed to be disposed in these tanks. Disposal of used oil mixtures containing gasoline, anti-freeze, solvents, and other hazardous wastes are forbidden. 

Oil Tank Locations


PLEASE do not throw oil filters, trash, or other mysterious substances into the tanks, or leave containers used for transporting your used oil in and/or around the oil tanks. 

july-2020 (1).JPG
Dayton Oil Tank
Clearmont Oil Tank
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