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Livestock and Other Pastured Animals Improvement Program

The SCCD-NRCS Livestock and Other Pastured Animals Improvement program is a local improvements program that provides voluntary, locally-directed, financial and technical assistance to producers wishing to minimize the impact of a livestock operation on adjacent waterways.


The program provides incentives to landowners for the rearrangement or relocation of corrals and feeding areas that have the potential to negatively impact water quality. Stormwater run-off from corrals often contain bacteria (many of which are human pathogens), nutrients, sediment, and organic materials which are delivered to local streams. By mitigating the impacts of stormwater, landowners also reduce their risk of possible regulatory enforcement actions.

Livestock Self-Assessment

Determine the potential risks factors of your current operation

Cost-Share Application

A completed application is required to get the ball rolling!

Cost-Share Process

How the cost-share process works for eligible applicants

Cost-Share Checklist

Use this list to make sure you don't miss any crucial steps

Funding for the program is provided by a combination of Federal and State grants administered by the SCCD, USDA program funds, and landowner contributions. Federal grants come from US EPA through section 319 of the Clean Water Act and are administered through the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. State grants come from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture. USDA program funds generally come from the Environmental Quality Incentives (EQIP) or the Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) Programs. Depending on the individual project, landowners may qualify to have 50% to 80% of their improvement project cost-shared.

Livestock Improvement Projects

Livestock projects offer voluntary, locally directed cost-share and technical assistance to landowners to improve water quality while upgrading their livestock handling and feeding facilities. Individual projects can be as complex as a complete corral relocation or as simple as closing a water gap, fencing riparian pastures so they can be managed separately, adding stockwater, or diverting runoff. Below are a few project examples.

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