Acer saccharinum

Size: 50 to 80 feet high; 35 to 50 foot spread

Drought Resistance: Moderate

Cold Hardiness: Good

Growth Rate: Rapid

Life Span: Moderate to Long

Soil Conditions: Moist, well drained; best in riparian areas

Wildlife Value: Buds eaten by squirrels; provides nesting sites for ducks and other birds

Misc: Wide spreading root system; can be prone to limb breakage; used in riparian forest buffer installations


Please visit NRCS's fact sheet for more detailed information. 

Silver Maple


    Bare Root Large Tube
    $34.00 per lot $82.00 per lot
    25 seedlings per lot 30 seedlings per lot
    5 inches or taller 6 inches or taller


    Bare root seedlings come bundled in groups of 25, will be at least 5 inches or taller, and will not have soil surrounding the roots.


    Large tube seedlings come boxed in groups of 30, will be at least 6 inches or taller, and will be individually packaged in a 7" x 2" tube.